Zhongneng Factory Used Industrial Oil Filter Machine, Lube Oil Recycling Unit

Zhongneng Factory Used Industrial Oil Filter Machine, Lube Oil Recycling Unit


It is utilized to recuperate and purify a variety of substantial-precision lubrication oil such as hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, heat therapy oil and so on. And also can deal with hefty fuel oil. Following remedy by this equipment, the oil drinking water material will be considerably less than 80ppm, fuel articles will be less than .1%, filtering accuracy will be much less than 5μm, cleanliness will be less than NAS grade6 . It can be employed regularly in the hugely precise hydraulic lubricating technique.


1.Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, taking away the liquid h2o quickly 
2.Adopt μg engineering to get rid of little drinking water, this kind of as dissolved water 
3.Combination of the two network filtration and large polymer content absorbing,to remove impurities from oil 
four. Robust capacity of breaking emulsification 
5. Adopt trapezoidal spiral computerized again flushing method,no require to clean filter factor manually 
6.Sensible layout, low sound pump, deep purification and minimal consumable price.

Operating Basic principle:

When TYA starts working, oil will be sucked into heater by vacuum pressure, then the oil will be heated and flow into primary filter, the place the big impurities are divided.

Then, oil flows into vacuum separator, and flows through a unique created system, which makes for each device quantity oil to generate a huge surface area spot, lets the oil exposure in minimal humidity ambiance, so the fuel and drinking water are divided from oil.


The gas and divided drinking water vapour types as combined gasoline, flows through h2o tank and cooler, condense into liquid and flows into water receiver, the residual gasoline is exhausted by vacuum pump.

Oil flows via oil pump and into good filter, in which the tiny impurities are divided.

If the oil is very filthy, or is higher water content and so forth., you can purify the oil circularly for several moments, by which to eliminate the h2o and impurities entirely.


Item   Design TYA-10 TYA-twenty TYA-thirty TYA-fifty TYA-a hundred TYA-a hundred and fifty TYA-two hundred TYA-300
Movement price L/Min 10 20 30 fifty 100 150 200 three hundred
Vacuum degree Mpa -.06 ~ – .095
Functioning Pressure Mpa ≤0.4
Temperature Degree ºC ~ one hundred
Energy CZPT   380V,3phase, 50HZ  (or as needed by consumer)
Doing work noise DB (A) ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
Heating Electrical power KW 18 eighteen 24 30 54 72 92 a hundred and fifteen
Complete electrical Power KW twenty twenty 27 33 60 eighty 103 one hundred thirty
Inlet (outlet) Caliber mm 25 25 25 32 42 forty two 50 60
Measurement cm 150*100*a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty*105*a hundred and sixty one hundred fifty*a hundred and five*a hundred sixty five one hundred sixty*one hundred fifteen*one hundred seventy 175*one hundred twenty five*a hundred and eighty 190*one hundred sixty*195 190x170x200 210x170x210
Bodyweight Kg 450 550 600 750 850 a thousand 1200 1500
After Treatment method
Moisture (drinking water articles) ≤ 80 PPM
Fuel Articles ≤0.one%
Demulsification New oil≤15min, running oil≤30mi
Cleanness ≤NAS 1638 Quality 6


The oil comparison prior to filtration and soon after firtration :

ZHONGNENG’S Major CZPT/Employed Oil Answers:
For Transformer Oil CZPT and Examination:
Collection ZY Solitary-Phase Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier  
Collection ZYB Multi-Function Insulating Oil Treatment method CZPT
Collection ZYD Double-Phase Large Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Sequence ZYD-I Double-Stage Higher Vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration System
ZV sequence Vacuum Pumping System
Collection JY On-Load Tap-changer Insulating Oil Purifier
Series IIJ-II Oil Tester (BDV Tester)
For Lube Oil/CZPT Oil CZPT:
Series TYA CZPT Oil Purifier CZPT
Series TYC Lubricating Oil Regeneration Program
Series TYA-I Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistance CZPT Oil Purifier
For UCO / Used Cooking Oil Vegetable Oil CZPT:
Series COP Cooking Oil CZPT Unit
For Turbine Oil Reclamation:
Collection TY Turbine Oil CZPT Device
Collection TY-R Turbine Oil Regeneration Program
For Gas Oil CZPTing:
Collection TYB Gentle Fuel Oil Coalescence-Separation Purifier
For Black Motor Oil Regeneration:
Sequence LYE Waste Motor Oil Recycling Method
For Simple Utilized Oil CZPT and Oiling
Collection PL Paper Plate Force Oil CZPT
Sequence JL Moveable Oil Purifier
For Explosion Evidence Type Oil CZPT Required:
Series EFD Explosion Proof Type Oil CZPT Technique

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Zhongneng Factory Used Industrial Oil Filter Machine, Lube Oil Recycling Unit