Wax Content Tester

Wax Content Tester

TBT-0615 Asphalt Paraffin (Wax) Content Tester
This instrument is made and created as for every CZPTs T 0615-2011 Wax Articles Test for BiHangZhou by distillation in JTG E20-2011 Specification and Examination Methods of BiHangZhou and Bituminous Mixture for Highway CZPT and SH/T0425 Common Take a look at Strategy for Wax Content Take a look at of BiHangZhou. It is employed to figure out the wax material in the petroleum asphalts by cracking distillation.
I. Main technical characteristics

  • This instrument adopts approach of distillation cooling to establish the wax material of sample. The instrument has two elements: Higher element is made up of stirring motor, temperature sensor, air stream distributor and hook for sample vessel. Reduce element is the cooling filter
  • The specific designed air circulation distributor and hook for sample vessel make the instrument far more reasonable and practical for use.
  • The constant temperature bathtub adopts glass material. It has excellent warmth preservation. There is no mist on the observation window. Convenient to observe.
  • This instrument equips a higher accuracy electronic temperature controller with clear temperature show and basic temperature set.
  • This instrument is ground-type structure. It can decide 3 samples at the exact same time. The check performance is higher.

II. Primary complex specifications
1. Electrical power provide:     AC(220±10%)V,50Hz.
two. Heating electricity:    700W.
three. CZPT power:    1000W.
4. Stirring price of motor:    1200 r/min.
5. Temperature sensor:      Pt100.
6. CZPT medium:    F22.
seven. Temperature precision:    ±0.1ºC.
eight. Functioning environment:    -30ºC~40ºC,RH<85.
9. Total power use: ≤1800W.
ten.All round dimension:      620mm×500mm×1600mm
                          (The air movement distributor is incorporated)
III. Normal accessories

No. Item Device Qty
1 CZPT and filtering system (like suction flask, sand core filter funnel, sample cooling tube, glass tube, glass rod, etc.) Established three
two Pyrolysis flask (With a take care of) Piece 3
three Sample tube (90 ml) Piece 3
four Mercury thermometer (-thirty ºC~+50 ºC, scale division is .5ºC) Piece one
5 Dustproof protect (three big and 3 modest) Piece Overall 6
six Conical flask (250×24) Piece 5
7 Stopper for thermometer (Big) Piece one
eight Silica gel tube (outer diameter Ф9×wall thickness1.five size 400 mm) Piece 3
9 Silica gel stopper (five#: 2 parts, 6#( Improved.): two parts) Piece Complete four
10 Beaker (1000 ml) piece 1
11 Graduated flask (a hundred ml) Piece one
twelve Stopping ring for thermometer (one#) Piece four
13 “O” variety rubber ring (Ф31×2.4) Piece 3
14 Fuse fifteen A (Ф6×30) Piece three
fifteen Power provide wire(Home made) Piece 1
16 CZPT distributor(Like installation body, have to put in it by person self) Set one
seventeen Sample container hook holder Piece one
eighteen Wax filter bottle(250 mL) Piece three
19 Three way part(A single into two out, with two-way valves) Piece 1
twenty Changeover joints(Φ12.seven switch Φ10) Piece one
21 CZPT tube (outer diameter Ф14×wall thickness3.5)( In accordance to the user’s need to have to cut the tube) Meter eight
22 Silica gel tube (outer diameter Ф18×wall thickness3.)
( Connecting changeover joints and vacuum drying box)
Centimeter 8

IV. Optional accessories
1.Vacuum pump:     Model 2XZ-2L/S(Recommend)
two.Vacuum drying oven:Model DZF-6571(Suggest)
three. Burning furnace:   Model TBT-0615-one Cracking furnace(Recomend)
four. Stability:          0.1mg ,.1g 1 set for each
2XZ-2L/S Vacuum Pump specification


Bleed (L/S) 2
Max Pressure(Pa) ≤6×10-2
Speed(r/min) 1400
Capability(kw) .37
Energy provide (V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
Inlet caliber(mm)(mm)(outdoors diameter) Φ30
Sound(dBA) 68
Oil Capacity (L) one.
Dimension(mm) 514×168×282
Fat(Kg) 27

TBT-0615-one Cracking furnace

The instrument is developed and manufactured as for each the regulation of cracking distillation stove in the petrochemical industrial CZPT of People’s Republic of China SH/T 0425-2003 “Examination Strategy for Wax articles of the Asphalt ” and T0615-2011 “Asphalt Wax Content material Take a look at (Distillation Strategy)” in the industrial CZPT of People’s Republic of China JTG E20-2011 “Standard Examination Strategies of BiHangZhou and Bituminous Mixture for Highway CZPT ” .It is the specified equipment and matched with the “SYD-0615 Asphalt Wax Material Tester”,It also satisfies the demands of petroleum goods .
I. Main technical functions

  • This instrument adopts the mode of electric powered heating ,and the continual temperature can be  controlled the assortment of 550ºC+10ºC.The heating electricity can be altered continuously and it can fulfill the requirements of the distillation of samples .
  • The instrument adopts heating furnace and elevator-platform. Two elements are independently and in use two is manufactured one ,it is handy to use .
  • The housing washer of heating furnace adopts humanized design and style of heat insulation and minimize the effect of the heat radiation to the operator .
  • The temperature controller adopts Lcd show, single chip control engineering. CZPT technologies and small overshoot .It can achieve to 550ºC+10ºCconstant temperature ,which only needs 15 minutes at standard atmospheric temperature.

II. Main technical requirements
one. Energy provide: AC(220±10%)V, 50 Hz
two. The electrical furnace heating energy:2000W
3. Heating manage:strong adjustable strain design can be adjusted repeatedly.
4. Continuous temperature control: 550ºC+10ºC
five.Ambient temperature:≤35ºC
6.Relative humidity:≤85%
7.Complete power use:≤2100W
8.Dimension:heating furnace:220mm*330mm*400mm
MP CZPTtronic Balance 

I. Feature:
one.   LCD show
2.   Zero in selection potential
three.   Auto zero-monitoring
4.   Auto-calibration
five.   CZPT trouble prognosis
six.   Built-in underneath hook (optional)
7.   Over-loading security
8.   RS232 communication (optional)
nine.   Weighing/piece counting/percentage weighing
10.  Pan Dimensions:174×143
II. Specification:

Merchandise Product MP31001
Weighing Ability(g) 3100
Readability (g) .1
Repeatability (≤g) ±0.1
Linearity (≤g) ±0.two
Gross 8 ( kg) 2.8
Internet Bodyweight (kg) 1.nine
Dimension (mm) 190×250×75

FA CZPTtronic Balance 


Solution Design FA2104
Weighing Ability(g) 210
Readability (mg) .1
Repeatability (≤mg) ±0.1
Linearity (≤mg) ±0.two
Pan Size (mm) ninety

DZF-6571 Drying Oven


Design DZF6571(CZPT)
Item Sort Desktop electric drying Oven
Voltage 220 V 50 Hz
Electrical power 450 W
Chamber Content SUS304, Mirror Surface
Temperature Assortment Ambient + 5°C to 200°C
Temperature Manage Precision +/- .1°C
No. of cabinets 1 (can include to 2 as clients demand)
End Vacuum Degree <133 Pa (1 mmHg)
Chamber Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 300mm x 300mm x 275mm
Overall Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 605mm x 490mm x 450mm


Wax Content Tester