Usun Model: Ws-FM-5A Hc-227ea FM200 Novec Fire Extinguisher Refill Machine with Weighing System and Vacuum Pump

Usun Model: Ws-FM-5A Hc-227ea FM200 Novec Fire Extinguisher Refill Machine with Weighing System and Vacuum Pump

Model : WS-FM-5A   FM200/CO2/NOVEC  fireplace extingusiher refilling machine  

 CZPTtronic scale  and Vacuum pump  and  five:1 ratio  air gasoline booster pump  or six:1 air fuel

booster  pump   ,sensors for alarm of weighing  CZPTtrical manage box included  for

automatical controlling .


one. CZPT Composition


WS-FM-5A product FM200 filling equipment like air-driven gasoline filling pump, precision force gauge,


strain lowering valve, high strain electromagnetic valve, electric powered manage component


and electronic scale, vacuum pump, and so forth.


2. Filling pump  CZPT charaterics 


US-FM-5A filling machine using the compressed air as electricity resource, By way of Wellness  air driven fuel


booster and filling pump, driving the FM200/NOVEC filling and conveying, when the transmission excess weight


reaches a certain value, the sensor signal is transferred to the gasoline electromagnetic valve, the pushed air will


cease automaticlly,and pump stops functioning. 


Then Connecting the  nitrogen fuel resource, open up the large-force nitrogen fuel valve and start the injection


of nitrogen when precision force gauge shows the necessary nitrogen force then shut the nitrogen


valve filling completed It has the characteristics of modest volume, light excess weight, straightforward procedure, reputable


overall performance. Particularly appropriate for the filling of FM-200/NOVEC in fire preventing industry

three. Major parameters:


The driving resource: compressed air (by CZPT, require 3-eight bar air strain)


Operating medium  :   FM200/ NOVEC/Nitrogen


Boost ratio: 5:one or six:1  


Output stress: 4  Mpa/five MPA 


CZPTn air inlet port: fast insert 12 per cent 


Nitrogen/FM200 inlet port: ZG3/eight inside thread  ( Thread CZPT base on buyer”s requirements  ) 

Higher stress fuel outlet port: ZG3/8 inside thread  ( Thread CZPT base on Buyer”s requirements )

four. Structure drawing 


4. Working Procedure


1.  Add lubricating oil to the FR.L Blend, the South with ten# or 20# mechanical oil, the northern wintertime with antifreeze mechanical oil or lower condensate hydraulic oil.

2,  Close the driving air ball valve, connected to the compressed air resource and enable driving air stress not a lot more than .8MPa (8 bar).

three,  Place the good vacant cylinder, shut the FM200/NOVEC switch, near the high force nitrogen swap, open up the vacuum pump switch, commence the vacuum pump to vacuum.

four,  When vacuum pumping is accomplished, close the vacuum pump force change, near the unloading valve, open higher stress needle valve and reduced force air pushed resource ball valve, the filling pump starts off, observing the change of the excess weight of the electronic scale (when the set bodyweight is attained, pump will quit doing work instantly), then near the swap of FM200/NOVEC.

5,  After the completion of the FM200/NOVEC filling, open up nitrogen valve, observe valve before the force gauge (stress CZPT desk), by means of force decreasing valve to the sought after stress (pressure reducing valve right after the precision strain show) by adding nitrogen to the filling bottle

6,  After the completion of the procedure, near the large-strain valve, guide ball valve and nitrogen valve


Be aware: The vacuum for the one hundred fifty liter bottle will take about 6 minutes, 


Filling time is about six-eight kg for every minute




Usun Model: Ws-FM-5A Hc-227ea FM200 Novec Fire Extinguisher Refill Machine with Weighing System and Vacuum Pump