Small Scale Soft Drink CO2 Mixing Machine CO2 Injection Mixing Equipment

Small Scale Soft Drink CO2 Mixing Machine   CO2 Injection Mixing Equipment

Tiny scale soft drink CO2 mixing device / CO2 injection mixing products

CO2 mixing equipment

Mixer equipment is using injecting gasoline-drinking water mixer is specially created for soda and non-soda beverages this sort of as lemonade, cola and juice, as nicely as for other gentle beverages these kinds of as mineral water, grape juice, juice wine and apple juice. 
In comparison with other domestic tools of the same variety, it achieves practical completeness, great adaptability, a new construction, great physical appearance, and higher automation, action coordination, continuing manufacturing, excellent mixing and outstanding electric powered manage. 
The quantity ratio of CO2 and 1L drinking water is two. five to two. 8. 
The pre-cooled and pre-carbonized liquid flows via the inlet valve into the pot, in which, there is carbonic acid gas as effectively. The liquid flows out the groove and turns into a liquid curtain for far better cooling and excellent carbonic acid gasoline absorption. Finally, the treated beverage liquid, run by the carbonic acid fuel force, flows into the filling machine. 
CZPT components are used for this device. Especially polished and sanitary steel is employed for areas straight contacting the liquid. The device is made for a variety of beverage productions. Besides the two-stage carbonization, high CO2 material and reduced manufacturing temperature ensures the volume ratio of CO2 and 1L h2o to be three. five to 4. , or higher.


one. CZPT with Alarm:
The force in all tank and the liquid amount of the machine are all controlled instantly with PLC. After a error occurs,the alarm lamp will light and the alarm ring will sound and the mixer will quit routinely. 

2. Simple operation and regulation:
The operation of the mixer is particularly hassle-free.Only turn all around the buttons in accordance to the pre-established program,the standard procedure can be carried out.The generation ability,water-sugar proportion and gas content can be modified with out exchanging any areas. 

three. Even mixing and accurate proportion:
1 time mixing approach is adopted,so the mixture is even.The mixing proportion of drinking water and sugar is strictly controlled with measuring needle valve with fine regulation.Its precision can attain about five%. 

four. Sufficient gasoline content:
The mixer adopts vacuum desoxidation technologies at typical-temperature.Its desoxidation ratio reaches previously mentioned 90%.It has a baffle warmth exchanger to cool the sugar-h2o mixture and have out 2 times carbonating.So its carbon content is especially higher.



QHS 1500

QHS – 3000

QHS 4000

QHS – 5000

QHS – 6000

Manufacturing Capability (kg/h)


a thousand – 1500


2500 – 3000


2000 – 4000


2500 – 5000


4000 – 6000

Adjust Proportion of Syrup and H2o


one:three 1:10


1:three one:10


one:three one:10


one:three one:ten


1:three one:10

Gas Qty






Amazing Drinking water Entry Temperature ()


– five

Doing work Pressure (MPa)


.05 .15

Storage Tank Working Strain (MPa)


.two .five

Electricity (KW)






Dimension (mm)

900 * seven-hundred


1720 * 1140


1860 * 1300


1960 * 1400


2571 * 1500


Weight (kg)







one. This mixer adopts advances gas-liquid mixing gadget,can blend syrup,water and CO2 fuel at the very same time for filling device.

two, Also it can utilize to skinny beer,aerate for beer and create sparking wine.

three, This mixer is improvements in technological innovation,even in mixing,trustworthy in performance,compact in framework,simple in operation. 

4, It adopts overseas superior technology-static mixer to lighten h2o layer, enhance carbonizing time, assure mixing result and deoxying.

five, It adopts substantial-high quality drinking water pump and SIEMENS electrical tools and other areas to type comprehensive automated management system. 

six, It has coordinating action, gorgeous appearance, practical washing, large computerized level and other rewards. It is suited for mixing all kinds of drink, these kinds of as soda drinking water, fruit juice, cola and other gentle and tough drink.

7, It is suited for aerated beverage agency of large,middle or small scale.

CIP cleansing technique

CIP(cleaning in spot) technique is a program, in which, producing equipments(tanks, pipes and valves ect) and complete generation line is cleaned and disinfected circularly in a shut loop with out getting dismantled or open. It is applied for cleansing of equipments and pipes industries of dairy, drinks liquor, Agricultural and sideline merchandise. CIP cleansing system is composed of acid tank, alkali tank, hot-h2o tank, pure-h2o tank, again-drinking water tank, thick-acid tank, thick-alkali tank, warmth exchanger, pumps peripheral valves and pipes. These tanks can be allotted according to complex specifications. CZPTly, the CIP method only comprising acid tanks, alkali tanks and scorching-h2o tanks is enough for need of cleaning.

Tank dimension 300L~10,000L
CIP Tank variety alkali tank, acid tank, sizzling drinking water tank, pure drinking water tank, drinking water recycle tank
Cleansing recycles One circuit, double circuits, 3 circuits, four circuits
Heating approach Coil pipes inside, plate, tubelar
CZPT types and charastics Completely computerized 1. Flow price vehicle management
two. Temperature automobile control
3. Car compensate cip liquid amount
four. Vehicle compensate the liquid concentrate
five. Cleaning liquid automobile transfer
6. Automobile alram°
Semi-car 1.Temperature vehicle management
2. CZPTtrical handle with handbook work the other matters.
Handbook control one. Manual run on the cleansing process


Washing procedure:take dairy and beverage market as an case in point

one. Clean for three-five minutes at place temperature or earlier mentioned 60°C hot drinking water alkali wash for ten-20 minutes, 1%-2% resolution, 60°C-80°C center wash for 5-ten minutes, clear drinking water beneath 60°C Ultimately clean for 3-5 minutes, thoroughly clean water.

2. Clean for 3-5 minutes, very hot drinking water at area temperature or previously mentioned 60°C alkali wash for 5-ten minutes, one%-two% resolution, 60°C-80°C, center wash for 5-10 minutes, thoroughly clean drinking water below 60°C, Sterilize for 10-20 minutes with sizzling drinking water previously mentioned 90°C.

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CZPT setup and commissioning
Following products reached the workshop of buyer, area the equipment according to airplane format we provided. We will organize seasoned technician for tools set up, debug and test generation at the exact same time make the equipment get to the rated creating potential of the line. The consumer need to offer the round tickets and accommodation of our engineer, and the salary.
Make contact with info
Make sure you write to us with beneath information for receiving thorough quotation sheet quickly:
– What is the filling substance
– What is your bottle type and cap type
– How a lot of bottle varieties that you have
– How several bottles per hour you will create

Small Scale Soft Drink CO2 Mixing Machine   CO2 Injection Mixing Equipment