Sjsz China Supplier Conical Twin Screw Extruders PVC Pipe Production Line

Sjsz China Supplier Conical Twin Screw Extruders PVC Pipe Production Line

SJSZ China Provider Conical Twin CZPT Extruders PVC Pipe Extruder

SJSZ Sequence Conical Twin CZPT Extruder
PVC pipe extrusion line is mostly utilised in the manufacture of plastic PVC pipe with various diameters and wall thickness utilised in the industries such as agricultural and constructioal plumbing.cable laying and many others.This line is composed of conical twin screw extruder.cacuum calibration tabk.haul-off.cutterandstakeetc.The extruder and haul-off adopt imported AC frequency management device,vacuum pump and haul-off motors adopt higher-good quality merchandise.The haul-off approaches are two-claw,4-claw,six-claw,eight-claw.ten-claw,tweleve-clawetc.You may possibly decide on observed blade chopping type or planetary cutting type.It is in addition hooked up with duration counter and intensifying device.This line is of dependable performance and large production effectiveness.Our business can also manufacture specific pipe manufacturing strains,eg.Spiral silencing pipe and main foaming pipe in accordance to your requirements.

Product No. SJSZ45 SJSZ51 SJSZ55 SJSZ65 SJSZ80 SJSZ92
CZPT Diameter(mm) forty five/100 51/one hundred and five 55/120 65/132 eighty/156 92/188
Qty. of CZPT two
REV Path of CZPT Turning outwards with diverse direction
CZPT Pace(rpm) 1-38 one-38 one-38 1-36 one-35 one-34
CZPT Powerful Length(mm) a thousand 1050 1150 1430 1800 2520
Principal Motor Power(KW) 15 eighteen.five 22 37 fifty five 90
Barrel Heating Electrical power(KW) 12 15 18 24 36 48
Capacity(kg/h) ninety five 110 a hundred and fifty 250 380 520
Center Peak of CZPT (mm) 1000
Web Excess weight(kg) 3000 3200 4200 5000 6500 7500

Conical Twin CZPT Extruder

A: Counter CZPT Conical twin screw machined on CNC make thread milling equipment by simulation software for better efficiency.

B: Conical twin screw extruder is specifically made for substantial calcium loading.

C: Compact & reputable gear box

D: Synchronized drives of the extruder, feeder, and haul-off permit the relieve of operation. It is developed for high output at lower screw velocity and much less energy usage.

E: Bi-metallic screw & barrel can be offered for two -3 instances a lot more lifespan than nitrided screw and barrel.

Die Head

A: Die head is created of higher carbon articles forgedalloy steel for much better life and performance.
B: It has resonable movement channel design and specific treatment method on the surface
C: Special circulation channel design ensures the equal distribution of PVC in the mould
D: CZPT temperature and stress remain even.


A: Intense cooling of the pipe with the support of amount of spraying nozzles

B: Axial adjustment of thank on slide rails with locking arrangement

C: Self cleansing sort spray nozzle with broad opening for intensive cooling of the pipe

D: Acrylic clear include for straightforward inspection.

CZPT Haul Off

A Twin and multi-track system

B: Track can be adjusted for different dimensions of pipe ranging in between 20mm and 800mm

C: Hall-off is synchronized with extruder with the aid of AC frequency variable generate

D: Gap between two tracks and pressure is modified pneumatically

E: V-Groove rubber pads mounted on chain with appropriate tensioning to stop ovality for big even for massive diameter and believe wall pipes.

Stream Chart

Our Support
1. One year guarantee for whole machine
two. 24 hours technical support 
3. Our engineers can provide service overseas. The service is free, but the charge of round air-tickets, food and hotel is to the customer’s account.
four. After a year, we can instru
ct you how to maintain the machine, and spare elements are presented with the very best price.
five. We also can offer education service which support operators handle the device nicely.

Sjsz China Supplier Conical Twin Screw Extruders PVC Pipe Production Line