Single Stage Electric Suction Oil Rotary Screw Vane Air Vacuum Pumps

Single Stage Electric Suction Oil Rotary Screw Vane Air Vacuum Pumps

 Single Stage Rotary Vane Pump series

One Phase Rotary Vane Pump series Advantages

1.The material top quality, simple procedure and maintenance.
two.CZPT technology, substantial durability, minimal running expense.
3.CZPT conservation and environmental safety, the framework iscompact and light-weight.
4.Clear exhaust lampblack.
5.No spring, low sound, low vibration.
6.Pump is realized by making use of the created-in non-return valve oil, without the phenomenon of oil.
7.The pump is realized by using the constructed-in pump pressured feed, constant and stable procedure underneath atmospheric strain for a long time.
1.Crystallization, vacuum distillation, injection, precooling.
two.Vacuum filter, canned, compression.
3.Vacuum coating and the industrial furnace as the backing pump and drainage pump.
four.Powder material or liquid vacuum conveying, collection.
five.Vacuum packaging and food processing technology.
six.Thermoforming (blister, strain air and foam molding.
seven.The vacuum degassing, deaeration, impregnation, focus, drying.
eight.Vacuum adsorption, fixture, spreader, chuck.
nine.Vacuum force, finalize the style, the paster.
ten.Manufacturing unit, hospital, laboratory, the central vacuum system.
eleven.And other kinds of vacuum pump, vacuum unit of the specific needs.

Pace Curves

CZPT Prameters of  Single Stage Rotary Vane Pump sequence

Product Pumping Velocity (m3/h) Final Force
Motor electricity (kW) Speed Max. Water
Sound (dB) Inlet Diameter 
Weight (Kg) Proportions
DPX-ten ten 2 .37 2800 * 62 G1/2″ sixteen 308*215*207
DPX-16 16 two .fifty five 2800 * sixty three G1/2″ sixteen 308*215*207
DPX-21 twenty 1 .75 2800 .4 64 G1/2″ 19 421*232*218
DPX-40 forty .5 1450 .7 sixty four G1 one/4″ forty three 635*286*266
DPX-63 sixty three .five one.5 1450 1 sixty five G1 one/4″ forty nine 605*308*280
DPX-100 a hundred two.two/three. 1450 one.five sixty seven G1 one/4″ 69 710*405*290
DPX-a hundred and sixty one hundred sixty .5 four 1450 two.five seventy two G2″ 142 761*495*411
DPX-two hundred two hundred .five 4./five.5 1450 four seventy four G2″ 145 795*495*411
DPX-250 250 .5 five 1450 4 seventy four G2″ one hundred ninety 965*585*411
DPX-three hundred 300 .five 5.5/seven.5 1450 4.5 75 G2″ 212 1571*585*411
DPX-630 630 .1 15 825 26 75 DN100 660 1488*888*752

*) Specifications are topic to alter with out prior observe

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Q : How several workers in your manufacturing facility?
A : About 70.

Q : How several workers in your international investing business?
A : 20.We have salesman who can talk English,French,Russian,Spanish,Indonesian and Arabic.

Q : What is actually your factory’s manufacturing capability?
A : About 500 units for every month.

Q : What’s the income volume of CZPT Group in a calendar year?
A : About USD 40,000,000.00 in 2014.

Q : What is the product sales quantity of your international investing company  in a yr?
A : About USD 8,000,000.00 in 2014,20% of the Team annual product sales.

Q : How several models does CZPT export in a single thirty day period?
A : About fifty-a hundred.

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Single Stage Electric Suction Oil Rotary Screw Vane Air Vacuum Pumps