Single Layer 100L Glass Reaction Kettle

Single Layer 100L Glass Reaction Kettle

Merchandise Description

one layer 100L glass reaction kettle

1.Function and Description

Introduce of laboratory glass reactor

 Glass reactor kettle human body style, by means of the drinking water/oil bathtub or heating jacket to directly warmth the kettle entire body, To make the material react with continual temperature., and can provide a stir.

In the set underneath the condition of continual temperature, in the airtight container, below atmospheric pressure or unfavorable stress to mixing and reaction and can be done the reaction solution reflux, distillation and extraction.


It really is the best products in the modern day chemical samples, the experiment and the synthesis of new resources, organic chemical.

       Product Attributes

     1. Frequency handle, AC induction motor, speed digital screen continuous, brushless, no spark, risk-free       and stable, it can work continuously

      two. Supporting glass making use of GG3.three substantial boron silicon material production, has a very good chemical,         bodily homes huge bottle style, hand out cleaning

    3. PTFE (Ceramic) mechanical ingredient sealing, proprietary engineering, it can get the very best vacuum degree in the marketplace among the related items

    4. All round stainless steel frame structure (foot connecting elements like Tee and 4-way valve are all    stainless steel), compact and sound, secure and dependable without shaking when mixing

   5. Casters with brake set, it is hassle-free and trustworthy for cell use

   6. The PTFE discharge valve without having dead corner, sound substance/liquid material can be effortlessly released from the base

   7. Computer managed thermostatic oil bath, the clever PID handle, temperature management is correct and handy

  eight. Integral structure is scientific layout and gorgeous appearance, practical for procedure

  9.  Ex-evidence motor is optional for 10L,20L,30L,50L,100L,150L,200L

2.  Picture for Our product

3.Utilization and Application

 Single layer glass reactor is mainly used for lab, chemical,  pharmaceutical…

four.CZPT knowledge


Method  DF-1L  DF-2L  DF-3L  DF-5L
Valume( L)  1L  2L  3L  5L
Consistent stress funnel(ML)  500ML  500ML  500ML  500ML
Stirring Electrical power (W)  40W  60W  60W  90W
without Ex-evidence motor
Stirring Pace(RPM)     60-1000
 Dia. Stirring Rod(MM)     7
 Power(KW)  1  1  1.5  1.5
 Discharge Valve PTFE Discharge Valve    
 Stirring Rod     CZPT steel inside and PTFE exterior
 Voltage(V)     220V/50Hz
Dimensions(MM)  360*three hundred*900    390*330*1000


Ex-evidence motor is optional for 10L,20L,30L,50L,100L,150L,200L


Mode DF-10L DF-20L DF-30L DF-50L DF-100L DF-150L DF-200L
Valume(L)  10L  20L  30L  50L  100L  150L  200L
Consistent stress funnel(ML)  500ML  1000ML  1000ML  2000ML  2000ML  2000ML  2000ML
Stirring Energy (W)    90W three/one  120W three/one    250W 3/1 370W
180W Ex-proof motor  370W Ex-proof motor  550W Ex-evidence motor 
Stirring Velocity(RPM)        60-600
 Dia. Stirring Rod(MM)       12  16
 Power(KW)  2  3  4  5  9  12  15
 Discharge Valve        PTFE discharge Valve
 Stirring Rod        CZPT steel inside and PTFE exterior
Voltage(V) 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Dimensions(MM) 820*450*1680  720*580*1920 720*650*2000 750*680*2050 780*680*2480 Customization  Customization

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Ex-proof motor is optional for 10L,20L,30L,50L,100L,150L,200L

Relevant CZPT

solitary layer glass reactor with vacuum pump           



-Handled wooden case 
-The two neutral and CZPT packaging can be available 


– Is dependent on the dimensions of the deal and your specifications.

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Single Layer 100L Glass Reaction Kettle