Shanghai Yulong Zjb-1200 Roots Vacuum Pump for Metallurgy

Shanghai Yulong Zjb-1200 Roots Vacuum Pump for Metallurgy

Pump description:

Model ZJ CZPT Booster Pump, also known as a Roots pump, is a volumetric pump.It employs a pair of rotors, similar and in 8-figure with certain clearance between them in the pump housing, rotating at the very same speed in opposite instructions to complete purpose of suction and discharge of gas. The two rotors are supported by rolling bearings in the stop covers of the pump, rotating at high speed and are held at a set relative position by a pair of timing gears. The end clearance in between rotors and conclude handles are mounted by adjustable steel shims among the bearing housings and the finish cover at the fastened end, which guarantees a single-route enlargement of the rotor when temperature rises throughout its operation.

Four sets of inner seals (also identified as piston ring) in the two stop covers avert lube oil coming into into the pump housing. The shaft seal at the entrance-finish protect, also referred to as as framework oil seal or shaft seal, prevents leakage of air into the pump housing.

In purchase to reduce temperature of the pump, all designs of pumps (assume the two smallest models) are equipped with a gearbox cooler and entrance-end protect cooler.

Electricity is transmitted by means of a coupling or V-belt from the motor to the driving shaft of the pump and then via synchronizing gears to the pushed shaft



   Model Suction potential         (L/S)

Limit vacuum




Motor Power


Inlet Dia.


Outlet Dia.




Advisable backing pump(design)
   ZJ-70          70      6×10-two   2780         1.five     eighty      50      87       2X-8
  ZJB-70      5×10-2      100
  ZJ-150A          150      6×10-2   2900          3     one hundred      100      198       2X-fifteen
  ZJB-one hundred fifty      5×10-2      215
  ZJ-three hundred          300      6×10-2   1450          4     a hundred and fifty       a hundred and fifty      490       2X-30A
  ZJB-300      5×10-2      480
  ZJ-600          600      6×10-two   2900         five.five     one hundred fifty       one hundred fifty      490       2X-70A
  ZJB-600      5×10-two      503
  ZJ-1200A         1200      6×10-2    1450          11      300       300     1550       2X-70A            (2sets)
  ZJB-1200      5×10-two      250       250     1580

The main  advantage  of Roots  vacuum pump  is that  it can  operate  with high  pumping speed under  reduced suction  pressures, however,  has to  be backed by  a backing  pump.Under  normal working situations, it is  permissible to not add  by-go pipes.Roots vacuum pump need to not work with a greater-pressure  big difference than allowable,otherwise  overheating   and   overload  will   cause  damage   of  Roots   vacuum  pump.
Therefore, proper backing pump and essential defense units have to be considered.Oil sealed mechanical  pump is usually  selected as   the fore   vacuum   pump.  Other   types   of backing   pumps   may   be   used   where    their requirement for final vacuum is not too  strict. Particularly, when gas  pumped containing large amount of  vapor, drinking water-ring vacuum pump  maybe   an  ideal   option  though   ultimate  vacuum achieved is on the lower side.

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Shanghai Yulong Zjb-1200 Roots Vacuum Pump for Metallurgy