Saddle Branch for Compressed Air Piping 25 mm to 150 mm

Saddle Branch for Compressed Air Piping 25 mm to 150 mm

FSTpipe Knowledge
We offer High Strain Compressed Air Piping System. These fittings are excellent connections from compressor receiver to airline service elements that call for occasional disassembly or partial elimination for maintenance. They do not require any specific equipment or capabilities to work. They operate excellently at elevated pressures and with poisonous gases. A compressed air fitting system does not demand soldering and thus can be installed rapidly and effortlessly, in contrast with other set up approaches, time financial savings of at the very least 50% are simply achievable.

Description øD Element Amount H.S.Code
ø20X1.forty five*6000mm DN20 17226000 seventy six 0571 7190
ø24.8X1.forty five*6000mm DN25 17336000 seventy six 0571 7190
ø32.2X1.six*6000mm DN32 2015336000 76 0571 7190
ø42X1.9*6000mm DN42 17556000 76 0571 7190
ø, each finishes bead rolled*6000mm DN50 2015556002 76 0571 7190
ø63.5X2.3, both ends bead rolled*6000mm DN65 2019666002 76 0571 7190
ø88.9X2.6, equally ends bead rolled*6000mm DN80 2019886002 76 0571 7190
ø100.2X2.6, each ends bead rolled*6000mm DN100 2015996002 76 0571 7190
ø133X2.seventy five, both finishes bead rolled*6000mm DN125 16CC6002 76 0571 7190
ø148.2X3, each finishes bead rolled*6000mm DN150 2015AA6002 76 0571 7190
ø205X3.two, equally ends bead rolled*6000mm DN200 2015BB6002 76 0571 7190

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ZheJiang Foster Fluid CZPT Co., Ltd. is a international leader in the advancement, creation and set up of compressed air, inert gas, vacuum and nitrogen fluid pipeline. FSTpipe has a robust specialist team, from product design, growth and creation to product sales consulting, expert item, application, installation engineers and sales administrators to offer you with pre-product sales, sale, after-product sales and other technical set up consulting services. FSTpipe constantly pays interest to the main requirements of users, and strives to enhance the production performance and profitability of users and lessen the creation power intake of consumers.





Saddle Branch for Compressed Air Piping 25 mm to 150 mm