Professional Beauty Machine Remove Cellulite Liposuction

Professional Beauty Machine Remove Cellulite Liposuction

Professional beauty device eliminate cellulite Liposuction

Liposuction system III: Suction pump + electrial resonance purpose + injection pump

Liposuction products, with suction pump +injection pump + suction take care of
Whole quipment dimension: 102x50x50cm
Manage measurement: Length 23cm, dia 3cm
CZPT info for suction pump:
Vacuum pump
Force regulation selection: (-.1MPA-0MPA)
Output electricity: 250VA
CZPT thread pipe: 5A
Noise: 50db
Energy: AC220V ten% 50HZ
Size: 950x500x400
Fat: 35kg

Instruction for injection pump:
It adopts the manner that creeps outside the house the silicon rubber hose, the velocity of the injection is steady and adjustable inside the selection of -800ml for each moment. Simple for disinfection, the liquid only needs to circulation in the silicon rubber hose that can be disinfected beneath high temperature. And it is effortless to assemble, it only requires 30 CZPTs for the whoe set up.

CZPT data for electrical resonance method:
Energy: 220v 50hz
Fuse: 5xT5A(utilized for 220v)
Resonance frequency: 3600-12000HZ
Resonance fee: -7800times/min
Resonance reciprocating distance: Far more 2.5cm
Resonance motor electrical power: fifty watt at most
Relevant element: BF type
Diploma of defense: 1grade
Sounds magnitude: 50db(two meters)
Relative humidity: Less than 80%
Temperature: ten-40 diploma
Ambiance force: 800-1200HPA

CZPTtric resonance liposuction equipment CZPT checklist

Product NO. Product title amount
1 Principal one pcs
2 Handbook take care of 2 pcs
3 Anesthetic   injection canula 2 pcs
4 Liposuction   canula 10 pcs
5 Liposuction   tube 1 pcs
six Anesthetic   injection tube 1 pcs
seven Liquid   storage bottle 2 pcs
8 Foot change 1 pcs
9 instruction 1 pcs
10 Fuse wire 2 pcs
eleven CZPTtric   resonance take care of 1 pcs
12 CZPT head   facial liposuction canula 20 pcs


Professional Beauty Machine Remove Cellulite Liposuction