PE PP Wire Laying Plastic Pipe Tube Single Screw Extrusion

PE PP Wire Laying Plastic Pipe Tube Single Screw Extrusion

Item Details
PE pipe extrusion line is largely used for producting plastic pipe for agriculture h2o offer & sewage, for building industries h2o offer & sewage, for cable and wire laying.

The line consist of solitary screw extruder, vacuum tank, cooling tank, haul-off device, cutter and storage desk.
One extruder and haul-off unit undertake worldwide manufacturer AC inverter pace control, Vacuum pump and haul-off motor use quality bgrand.

Haul-off can be equipped with two/four/6/eight/ten/12 belt according to the pipe measurements. Cutter can be swarfless, observed blade, or planetary chopping kind.

The line highlighted by steady efficiency and substantial efficiency. This line can also generate PE PP internal sprial pipe, hollow pipe, and foaming pipe bychaning the configruation.
The line is totally CZPT control, straightforward operation, secure overall performance, reaching international leading stage.

Optimized spiral die guarantee the soften distribution uniform to make the pipe wall uniform and ensure the pipe pressure. Geared up copper Vacuum calibration sleeve with drinking water lubrication ring, twin-chamber vacuum tank with spraying cooling and semicircular Nylon assistance, to ensure fast calibration, enhance the production capability and reduced the operation. These types are specifically excellent for large diameter pipe generation and higher pace generation.

All of vacuum tank and water cooling tank is produced from stainless steel, twin water supply pipe line with filtration technique, water level and temperature control method and optimized positioning of the bayonet-kind spray nozzles.
The twin or multi caterpillar haul-off device is equipped with substantial high quality rubber block or rubber belt(for high speed generation) precision driving and handle technique guarantee the pace stable and running reputable.

Correct non-scrap reducing equipment (much less than 160mm) and planetary reducing device ensure the cutting segment clean and uniform.

Pipe Diameter(mm) sixteen-sixty three 32-one hundred twenty five 75-250 110-450 315-630 315-800
Extruder 45/33 seventy five/33 sixty sixty/38
seventy five/33
seventy five/38
a hundred and twenty/33
a hundred and five/38
one hundred fifty/33
Strand single strand double strand single strand single strand single strand single strand single strand
Downstream equipment LG63 SLG63 LG125 LG250 LG450    
Total power(KB) 70 one hundred twenty five a hundred and fifty 230 380 550 800

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PE PP Wire Laying Plastic Pipe Tube Single Screw Extrusion