OEM Compressor with Rotary-Type Positive-Displacement Mechanism

OEM Compressor with Rotary-Type Positive-Displacement Mechanism

          compressor with rotary-sort positive-displacement system

I. Introduction:
Variable frequency conception:
Our variable frequency series screw compressor requires edge of the stepless speed regulation of the frequency charger, and start off screw CZPT carefully by way of the controller or the PID regulator inside of the controller to increase the begin and operation method of the motor.
Prediction and analysis of strength saving:
If the CZPT often upload and unload throughout the operation and specifically the constant pressure output is needed, it is required to use CZPT frequency changer to management CZPT to accomplish the effect of power preserving in a specific range.
Steady pressure:
The CZPT frequency changer aims at a the bigger fluctuations of air volume. Inner PID regulator can rapidly adjust the response. When compared with the restrict swap management of operating with motor in continuous frequency, the steadiness of the air stress output boosts exponentially, maintaining on a consistent point.
CZPTt with no effect:
For the frequency changer has the function of the delicate commence, the start-up present is three moments lesser than the electricity frequency startup. So the effect of the startup is smaller sized.
Variable circulation handle:
Dependent on the PID regulator and the true air use to alter the motor speed at a real time, to manage the emission output and to accomplish a equilibrium air supply. When lower use,  the CZPT can rest automatically to decrease the vitality decline. The optimized handle  further improves the strength-preserving performance.
CZPTer voltage adaptability of AC energy supply
Owing to the in excess of modulation strategy utilized in frequency changer, while in reduced AC electrical power offer voltage, it even now outputs the sufficient torque to drive the motor to perform. Whilst in large AC power offer voltage, it will not direct to a higher voltage output to motor.

II. CZPT specification

Design EV7.5A EV11A EV15A EV18.5A EV22A EV30A EV37A/W EV45A/W EV55A/W EV75A/W EV90A/W EV110A/W EV132A/W EV160A/W EV185A/W EV200A/W EV220A/W EV250A/W EV280W EV315W EV355W
Totally free air shipping and delivery/Discharge air pressure  (M3/min/ Mpa) one.2/.seven 1.seven/.seven 2.four/.7 3.one/.7 3.7/.seven five.2/.7 six.5/.7 seven.five/.7 10.five/.7 thirteen.five/.7 16.five/.7 20.five/.7 25.8/.7 28.8/.7 32/.seven forty/.seven 40/.7 45/.seven fifty one.3/.7 55/.7 64/.seven
one.one/.8 1.6/.8 2.3/.8 three/.8 three.5/.8 five/.eight 6.3/.8 seven.two/.8 9.five/.eight 13/.eight sixteen/.eight 19/.eight 23/.eight 27/.8 30/.8 37/.eight 37/.85 42/.eight fifty.2/.eight fifty.3/.eight fifty eight/.eight
one/1. one.4/one. 2.two/1. two.eight/1. three./1. 4.1/one. five.eight/one. 7./one. 8.5/one. 11/one. fourteen/1. 17.five/1. twenty.two/1. 23.eight/1. 27.five/one. 33/one. 34/one. 38/one. 43/one. forty seven/1. fifty/one.
.eight/1.3 1.2/1.three 1.seven/1.3 2.3/1.3 2.five/one.three three.7/1.three 25./one.three 6./1.three 7.5/one.3 nine.five/1.3 twelve/one.three fourteen/one.three eighteen/1.3 21/1.three 24/1.three 28/one.3 31/1.25 33/1.3 33/1.3 41.9/1.3 forty two/1.3
Air offer temperature ≤ambient temperature +eight~`15ºC
Motor Electricity (kw/hp) seven.5/10 eleven/15 fifteen/twenty eighteen.5/twenty five 22/30 30/forty 37/50 45/60 55/75 75/100 ninety/120 110/a hundred and fifty 132/a hundred seventy five 160/215 185/250 two hundred/270 220/three hundred 250/340 280/380 315/420 355/480
CZPTt strategy Y-△CZPTter
Voltage (v/hz)                                              380V 3PH 50HZ     (380V-3PH-60HZ/ 460V- 3PH- 60HZ/ 220V- 3PH-60HZ/ 400V-3PH-50HZ/6000V-3PH-50HZ/other voltagesd CZPT )                                                                               
CZPT strategy V-belt transmission / CZPT transmission
Oil content (PPM)  ≤3
Connector inch three/4″ three/4″ 1″ 1″ 1″ 1  1/four” 1  1/four” one one/2″ one one/2″ two” two” 2  1/4″ 2  one/2″ 2  1/2″ three” DN100 DN100 DN100 DN150 DN150 DN150
Sounds(Db)±2  56 58 60 60 sixty 66 66 sixty six 70 71 seventy one 73 seventy five seventy seven seventy eight 80 80 82 eighty four 85 86
Dimension length mm 1290 1290 1290 1290 1380 1380 1600 1900 1900 2440 2560 2760 2760 2860 2860 3250 3800 3800 3800 3900 3900
width    mm 900 900 900 900 900 900 955 1200 1200 1300 1300 1340 1340 1510 1510 1800 2000 2000 2000 2100 2100
height  mm 1190 1190 1190 1190 1150 1150 1365 1600 1600 1620 1620 1710 1710 1810 1810 2050 2050 2050 2050 2150 2150
Fat (kg) 400 five hundred 550 650 680 one thousand 1050 1200 1350 1800 2150 2900 3000 3800 4300 5000 5500 6000 6200 6500 6700

III. CE & ISO Certificates:

Package deal photos:

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IV. Company Introduction

ZheJiang Honest CZPT CO., LTD.  is a single United kingdom wholly-owned compressor business, which was situated in ZheJiang in 2004, dependent in technological cooperation with CZPTean air conclude producer and British O.S.G. OSG ZheJiang specializes in production the planet-course screw compressors and air purification equipments.
In get to meet customers’ anticipations and needs, OSG ZheJiang integrates the compressing system to embody the merits of trustworthiness, energy preserving, silence, convenience.  OSG ZheJiang experienced obtained the compressor manufacturing license (certification No: XK06-571-0571), high quality certification and common equipment certification, ISO 9001:2008 certificate and CE certification.
 OSG has set up a country-wide services program of 40 offices, and presented complete services, this kind of as consulting, instruction, restoring, spare parts giving, and many others. OSG ZheJiang also do OEM for investing businesses and agents, according to their specifications.
 OSG ZheJiang welcome customers and engineers all more than the globe to study, train and cooperate. Welcome to OSG ZheJiang .
V. Company Positive aspects
1.Massive potentiality, long heritage
ZheJiang Truthful CZPT Co., Ltd. is one particular British wholly-owned business. At present in China, OSG has established up three key producing bases (ZheJiang Sincere CZPT Co., Ltd, ZHangZhoug Ulite Equipment Co.,Ltd., ZheJiang OSG welding), 5 CZPTrs. In the meantime we cooperate with the CZPTean world-progress air end company. OSG ZheJiang possesses a complete production, sales and after-revenue provider method. OSG has forty places of work and more than eighty right after-income provider centers, and goods are marketed to far more than twenty nations.
2. CZPT configuration, world-renowned factors, considerable creation expertise.
    The control technique is the most advanced. The controller is developed and created by Schneider, France. It is geared up with the huge Chinese-English liquid crystal screen display screen. It can keep an eye on a lot more than twenty principal functioning parameters, and has the capabilities of fault recording, upkeep and alarm shutdown. It can accomplish effective clever control, unattended.
Remote manage: the computer processor can right verify the user’s actual-time functioning method. Mix the reliability, power preserving, practicality in a single. distant control can start, end, load, unload the compressor and also other nearby control can be carried out. The procedure, alarm and fault and relative local information can be monitored. (thorough description followed)
Remote manage purpose:
Several compressors remote centralized manage: reduce technique force, reduce vitality consumption, genuine-time checking.
Twin pressure setting: Two program stress bands can be established manually or instantly to optimize energy use and lessen running expenses.
Delayed CZPTary shutdown: This operate controls the motor to run only when needed, enabling the motor to run considerably less and reduce the power use.

OEM Compressor with Rotary-Type Positive-Displacement Mechanism