Nyp High Viscosity Sanitary Pump for Syrup Molasses Honey

Nyp High Viscosity Sanitary Pump for Syrup Molasses Honey

Our Benefits:

Large top quality !———–   Reduce the afterwards upkeep difficulty !
Sensible value! —-  Use cost-powerful pump, save income.
Very good service! ———– Reply Well timed , Sufficient source, Supply time short 
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one.Nyp large viscosity oil double equipment pump is comparable to us viking pump:It is secure, pulseless, with tiny vibration and minimal sounds.

2.It also has a good self-priming potential, which is in a position to transfer large viscosity resin, polyurethane, poly-aether, polyethylene or some thing related.

3.Special supply double jacket type, pump can get heated by warmth steam, thermal oil.

4.Pump can be equipped with equipment box motor for large viscosity fields.

CZPT Positive aspects:

1)regular edlivery with no pulsation, minor vibration and sound.
2)excellent self-priming abitity.
three)the pump can supply the different corrosion mediums if the appropriate materials of poarts picked.In addition, the working temperature can achieve 200 centrigrade.
four)the very same rotary route of inside rotor and outside rotor final results in small use and long loperation life.
five)the pump’s flow potential can be modified by means of altering the pace.
six)it really is specilly suited to produce high visc medium.

CZPT datesheet:

Product Viscosity
Nyp-.78 2000/600 910/1390 .four/.6 .8 fifteen” .seventy five
Nyp-two.3 2000/600 910/1390 1/2 .eight twenty five” 1.one/1.five
Nyp-3.6 600/2000 940/640 two/1.5 .8 40″ 1.five
Nyp-7. 2000/6000 960/five hundred-640 4/two.three .8 forty” 2.2/three
Nyp-24 2000/6000 357-475/three hundred five-six.5/four .eight fifty” 5.five
Nyp-50 2000/6000 357-475/three hundred ten-14/nine .8 fifty” seven.five/5.5
Nyp-eighty 2000/6000 315-417/228 fifteen-twenty/10 .eight 80″ 15/11
Nyp-a hundred and ten 2000/6000 315-417/228 twenty-28/15 .eight 80″ eighteen.five/fifteen
Nyp-one hundred sixty 2000/6000 320-420/320 thirty-40/thirty .eight a hundred” eighteen.5
Nyp-220 2000/6000 220-285/a hundred and sixty thirty-40/20 .8 100″ 37/18.5
Nyp-320 2000/6000 220-285/160 forty-fifty/30 .eight a hundred” 37/22
Nyp-650 2000/6000 a hundred and sixty-240/one hundred twenty sixty-90/forty five .8 a hundred twenty five” fifty five/37
Nyp-730 2000/6000 one hundred sixty-240/one hundred twenty 70-one hundred/50 .eight one hundred fifty” fifty five/37
Nyp-1670 2000 a hundred and sixty 160 .eight two hundred” one hundred
Nyp-1670 6000 200 200 .8 200″ 132



Nyp High Viscosity Sanitary Pump for Syrup Molasses Honey