New Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment Swimming Pool Brush

New Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment Swimming Pool Brush

Flexible CZPT Pool vacuum head  cleaning wall brush

How to use the vacuum head: (this cleaner is considerably convenient forsmall  size swimming pool)
one. Require a 2HP water pump, and some vacuum hose to link the pump and this vacuum cleaner.
two. Use Nylon cord to pull the cleaner(telescopic pole is not available)

one, Clean the pool with low suction.
two. Head attachment for concrete pool cleaning systems.
3. Triangular vacuum head make cleaning easy.
4. Use with in ground concrete or fiberglass pools.
5. Made from top quality UV stabilized plastics

About us

why pick us?
one. We are a professional producer and operator of swimming pools/sauna/spa/fountain equipment. 
2.  We have our own factory which ensures the quality and price of our products.
3.  We have over 9 years experience in foreign trade & over 15 years in internal trade.
4.  Marketing distributes to CZPTe, CZPTica,Middle CZPT, Africa, South Africa,  Asia etc.
five.  Enjoying a good reputation among customers. 
6.  With SASO, CE,  ISO, ROSH etc. international certificates.

Wall Brush for Cleansing CZPT Pool features  
one. Cleans your swimming pool’s floor and walls automatically

2. Less maintenance needed because only one moving part which ensures years of dependable service
three. Installs in less than ten minutes and no tools are needed
4. Powered by your existing swimming pool filtration equipment
five. Swivel Foot Pad for easy navigation out of tight corners
6. CZPT efficient due to no additional electricity or pumps needed
seven. CZPT Regulator Valve sets the ideal suction
8. Includes 32 Feet of hose to cover pools up to 24′ round
9. Side Port Intakes pick up dirt and debris in a single pass
ten. Hammer and Spring assures uninterrupted performance season after season
11. Optional Leaf Basket traps leaves and other debris for easy disposal

New Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment Swimming Pool Brush