Mvr-Falling Film Evaporator

Mvr-Falling Film Evaporator

Multi-effect evaporation, Crystallization & Focus, squander drinking water treatment method, CZPTal protecting equipment 

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HangZhou XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CZPT CO., the greatest company of alcohol, fuel ethanol and DDGS higher protein feed comprehensive products in China.

Our firm can style and manufacture Multi-influence evaporator & MVR evaporator
Our business can design and manufactureclass-I, class-II, course-III stress vessel.

Our organization is able to style, manufacture, install and alter 3000t-500000t alcohol comprehensive equipmentin the turnkey project .

Merchandise Description:

   MVR Process Exposition

one Method liquids

The liquid to be dealt with, ahead of getting into the boiling chamber D01 (exactly where the vacuum situations of 70 kPa and 90°C are taken care of), is preheated in the warmth exchanger E03 by the concentrate (if the optional program V is set up) and in E02 by the discharging distillate. Pump G02 functions repeatedly recirculating the liquid to be handled in buy to maintain clear the plate exchanger E02 and feeding the boiler via opening of valve VP01, managed by the degree sensor LS01. The filtration gadget F02 (if the optional program IV is installed) allows to individual feasible coarse supplies existing in the liquid entering the equipment (see par.10). The concentrate is recirculated by the pump G01 which pumps it by way of the major warmth exchanger E01 (tube facet). Within E01 the liquid receives from the condensing vapour the heat essential to boil once heated, the concentrate is despatched yet again to the boiling chamber D01. As a outcome of the vacuum, a portion of the liquid quickly boils (flash evaporation). The made vapour passes by way of the drops separator (H04) in buy to eradicate suspended liquid drops and improve the high quality of the output distillate.

The blower K01 compresses the vapour and sends it to the warmth exchanger E01 (shell aspect) exactly where it releases the latent warmth to the procedure liquid. The condensed vapour is gathered in the tank D02 and then it is discharged by the pump G03 right after a warmth exchange in E02. The sensor CE01 steps the conductivity of the distillate: large conductivity implies large entrainment of liquid in the boiling chamber and the machine shows an alarm to the operator.

The temperature sensor TE02 measures the temperature of the distillate in D02. The stream sensor FT01 actions the quantity of distillate discharged. The exchanger E01 can be equipped with “floating head” in get to let an less difficult cleansing treatment, by indicates of elimination of the tube nest, if the equipment treats fouling vapours.

The focus is discharged routinely by way of the valve VP05. Circulation sensor FT02 steps the volume of focus discharged.

The density meter DT01 (if the optional method I is mounted) makes it possible for to discharge the focus as soon as it reaches a density price set by the person.

Solutions & CZPT

Throughout the startup of the device the liquid in the boiler and the distillate in D02 are heated by the resistors ER01- ER02- ER03-ER05-ER06. The incondensable gases are discharged via a devoted chimney (outlet 5, see Figure one). Dry cooler K03 (if the optional program VI is installed) allows to condense possible residual vapours exiting through the vent.

two CZPT vapour recompression

The made vapour in the boiling chamber D01 is sucked into the good displacement blower K01 that, by implies of the compression, raises the temperature afterwards the vapour passes by way of the shell of the exchanger E01 exactly where it condenses and releases the latent heat to the recirculated liquid of the boiling chamber. Valve VP10, throughout startup period, is open in buy to enable a gradual startup of the blower K01.

Enthusiast K02 makes it possible for to preserve managed the temperature of the oil in the blower in get to extend its support lifestyle in situation of procedure in thermally tough problems.

three Thermal restoration systems

Thermal recovery is realised via the exchangers E03 (if the optional system V is put in) and E02. The liquid to be treated crosses the two of them and warms up just before entering the boiling chamber. Temperature sensor TE08 actions the temperature of the liquid to be treated entering the boiler soon after the restoration exchangers.

The focus passes by way of the tube and shell heat exchanger E03 and cools down, ahead of its discharging, as a consequence of the heat exchange with the liquid to be dealt with. Valve VP03 (if the optional method V is set up) makes it possible for the flow of the liquid to be handled through exchanger E03. The distillate enters the plate heat exchanger E02 and cools down, just before its discharging, as a consequence of the heat exchange with the liquid to be taken care of.

Temperature sensor TE07 actions the temperature of the distillate enhancing the machine.

4 Auxiliary liquids

Antifoam, provided by the opening of the timed valve VP06. If optional III is current, antifoam is metered immediately.

The foam sensor SS01 detects the existence of foam in D01 and instructions the opening of valve VP06.

Tap drinking water, for washing of elements inside the boiling chamber D01, through timed valves VP07 (sensor LS01 washing)

and VP12 (foam sensor SS01 washing, if the optional method III is installed).

Additive metering with pump G07 and pneumatic valve if the optional technique II is installed.

Bactericide metering in the shipping and delivery pipeline of distillate discharge pump, if the optional method AM BT D is set up.

Comparison Amongst MVR and four-impact Evaporator


four-effect Evaporator



CZPT-preserving, vaporizing 1 ton water consumes .3 ton fresh steam.

Far more energy-conserving,vaporizing 1 ton drinking water consumes 30kw*h electrical power


Fresh steam

CZPT electrical energy





CZPT method period with greater temperature variance impacts longevity.

Shorter method period with lower temperature enhances sturdiness.

Output Kind





1. it is a flip important entire established products,easy tools, significantly less worker,less spot,less price.

two. can generate 1000L-1000000L 96%-99.9% alcoholic beverages(ethanol) for each day.

three. can use Corn, wheat, cassava, molasses,rice,potato, date,beetroot ,sugar cane ect which consists of starch or sugar content.

four. we can do the switch key technique or area component.

five. Can enhance and rebuild previous liquor(ethanol) production line .

You can choose solitary distill tower to conserve cash, also can select 5 distill column to get very good quality liquor/ethanol.

Five-Column Three-Influence Distillation Method
Our organization styles and manufactures latestFive-Column Three-Influence Distillation tools.This new procedure is promoted on the basis of traditional five-column differential-stress column and mainly utilized for tremendous-wonderful alcohol manufacturing.
The essential of this method is the heating techniques,the steam heats 1 column immediately and transfers theheat to other four columnsto achieve three-impact thermal coupling and strength-saving consequences.
In phrases of electricityefficiency, it can save fifty% electricity and steer clear of the fixing of circulating pumps and also increase the working existence of there-boilers.

Double-Mash-Column 3-Influence Distillation Approach
This method applies to the generation of common-grade alcohol& gas ethanol, and it was awarded Chinese nationwide patent, it is the onlysuccessfulapplicationof double mash column & three-effect in the world,which produces basic-grade alcoholic beverages.
This procedure is composed by mash column, rectification column and composite column. The composite column functions as mash column and rectification column.
The key of this process is the heating approaches: the steam heats one column directly and transfers the heat to other two columns to obtain three-result thermal coupling and power-conserving outcomes.
The gain of this process is energy-savingit saves more than forty% steam.

Creation Capability

one,Our firm was recognized in the nineteen fifties, made and created the initial stainless metal distillation column in China.

2,Our firm can generate six entire sets of gear (such as crushing area, liquefying saccharification part, fermentation segment, distillation segment and DDGS area) in a thirty day period.

3,Amongst 16 production workshops,three workshops are for mechanic manufacture, 5 workshops arefor manufacturing method, 8 workshops are for assembling & welding.

four,We possess advanced machining products and solution screening tools.

Created functionality

one). We own Design License of Special CZPT D1 & D2 Course CZPT License of Special CZPT A2 Class Style License of Specific CZPT GC Class.

two).Our business achieves a lot more than twenty patent certificates on distillation, DDGS, and other fields.

3). Our firm owns ASME certification, ISO 9001 CZPT Method Certification, ISO 14001 CZPTal Administration Program Certification & GB/T28001 Occupational Wellness and Protection Administration System Certification

After-income Provider

1).Our company can provide a advanced product soon after-sale services and can make sure the implementation, maintenance and commission of projects.

two). We can reach the venture web site right after receiving the user’s notification.

Package deal & Transportation

Our firm can package deal the items in accordance to organization export CZPT, and use container or bulk transportation.

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Mvr-Falling Film Evaporator