Microbiology Anaerobic Bacteria Incubator with Gas Replacement Device

Microbiology Anaerobic Bacteria Incubator with Gas Replacement Device

Microbiology anaerobic microorganisms incubator with Gasoline substitution gadget


The anaerobic incubator is a specific device that can tradition and function bacteria in an anaerobic surroundings. It can supply rigid anaerobic problems, constant temperature lifestyle problems and a systematic and scientific operating area. This gadget It can cultivate difficult-to-increase anaerobic organisms and avoid the danger of dying of anaerobic organisms uncovered to oxygen when operating in the atmosphere. Consequently, this gadget is an excellent tools for anaerobic organic detection and scientific research.


  1. It adopts seven-inch huge display real color touch display microcomputer manage variety, which can correctly and intuitively management the temperature and other parameters of the incubator. This method makes use of PLC as the core controller, and is supplemented by large-precision temperature sensors, oxygen sensors, temperature control modules, and analog modules. It has substantial manage accuracy, good stability, and large basic safety humanized guy-equipment interface, convenient operation The personnel keep track of the process information in true time.
  2. CZPTed oxygen sensor is utilized, and the oxygen material in the procedure area is straight shown on the touch display screen, which is practical for observing whether the within is in an anaerobic state.
  3. With USB interface, memory can keep six months of info.
  4. The entrance viewpoint window of the working space is made of thick transparent effect-resistant special glass plate, which can evidently and immediately notice the indoor operation problems. The latex gloves are comfy, trustworthy and effortless to use.
  5. The entrance go over of the see-via window can be taken off as a total, which is practical for inserting more substantial instruments or doing thorough cleaning.
  6. There are ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the operation area, which can successfully keep away from bacterial contamination.
  7. Normal lights and power socket.
  8. The operation area is geared up with a deoxidizing catalytic system, using high-effectiveness palladium catalyst, without having recurrent activation.
  9. The gasoline replacement in the operation room adopts completely automatic manage technology, with good and adverse stress safety.
  10. The sampling (aisle) space has the features of automated vacuuming and automatic strain sustaining.
  11. Sample transfer: spontaneous procedure. When moving into and exiting, the fuel is exchanged 1st, and then into the incubator, it can transfer forty 90mm plates at a time, which is not only the accessibility channel for the operation, but also can be utilized to transfer the plates.
  12. The special oil bottle kind pressure aid gate design safeguards the inner positive force, prevents air leakage, and stops abnormal constructive force from breaking the gloves.
  13. Geared up with leakage protector
  14. Undertake oil-totally free vacuum pump.



Product LAI-3T-N
Temperature Range RT+three~60ºC
Temperature Uniformity <±1 ºC
Temperature Steadiness <±0.3ºC
Anaerobic stage Oxygen material in operation area <0.1%
Time for making anaerobic state in sample chamber <10 minutes
Sampling chamber kinds an anaerobic way Vacuum + gas alternative (nitrogen + mixed gas)
Anaerobic point out time in operation area <70min
Anaerobic method in procedure place Vacuum + gas substitute (nitrogen + blended gasoline) + micro-flow combined gasoline supplement and management
Anaerobic environment maintenance time >24 hrs.(when no source of blended gas)
Time for generating anaerobic condition in operation chamber <1.5 hrs
Anaerobic formation manage method CZPT
Otwo Management Range <1%
Timing Assortment 1~9999min
Power Score 800W
Electricity CZPT AC 220V,50HZ
Interior Chamber Size(W×D×H)cm 42×30×50
Operation Chamber Dimensions (W×D×H)cm 95×68×75
Exterior Measurement (W×D×H)cm 140×73×138





Microbiology Anaerobic Bacteria Incubator with Gas Replacement Device