Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing for Vertical Pumps RMS9

Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing for Vertical Pumps RMS9

Hybrid ceramic ball bearing for Vertical Pumps RMS9 

Rapid Specifics

Composition: Deep Groove
Variety: Ball

Bore Dimensions: 28.575 mm
Outside the house Diameter: 71.forty four mm
Product Amount: RMS9

CZPT Rating: P0 P6 P5 P4 P2
Seals Type: RMS10
Variety of Row: Single Row

9 dimensions: 28.575*seventy one.forty four*20.64mm
Bearing RMS9 weight: 0.51kg

Cage: Steel Cage, Brass cage, Nylon Cage
Material: Chrome metal, CZPT metal, CZPT steel

Tolerance degree: ABEC-1 (P0) ABEC-3 (P6), ABEC-5
Noise Degree: EMQ V1 Z2 EMQ V2 Z3 EMQ V3 Z4
Inner clearance codes: C2, C0, C3, C4, C5

Support: OEM support

We are functioning on bearing generation and export. 


Bearing proportions deep groove ball bearing
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Deep groove ball bearing feature: 
RINGS & BALLS vacuum degassed, high carbon chromium bearing metal GCr15 is the CZPT materials for precision bearing rings and balls. The material has uniform specification as AISL 52100(CZPTica)DIN100 Cr6(German), JISSUJ2(Japan)

Variety Boundary dimensions (mm) Quantity Boundary dimensions (mm)
d D B d D B
RLS  4 12.seven 33.34 9.525 RMS  four 127.7 41.28 fifteen.88
RLS  5 15.875 39.69 eleven.eleven RMS  five 15.875 forty six.04 fifteen.88
RLS  6 19.05 47.63 14.29 RMS  six 19.05 fifty.8 seventeen.forty six
RLS  seven 22.225 fifty.8 fourteen.23 RMS  7 22.225 fifty seven.fifteen seventeen.forty six
RLS  8 25.four fifty seven.15 fifteen.88 RMS  eight 25.four 63.five 19.05
RLS  9 28.575 63.5 15.88 RMS  9 28.575 seventy one.forty four 20.sixty four
RLS ten 31.seventy five 69.eighty five seventeen.forty six RMS ten 31.75 seventy nine.37 22.23
RLS eleven 34.925 seventy six.two 17.46 RMS eleven 34.925 88.9 22.23
RLS 12 38.1 82.55 19.05 RMS twelve 38.one ninety five.twenty five 23.eighty one
RLS thirteen forty one.275 88.9 19.05 RMS thirteen forty one.275 a hundred and one.six 23.81
RLS 14 44.45 95.twenty five twenty.64 RMS fourteen forty four.45 108 26.ninety nine
RLS fifteen 47.625 one zero one.6 twenty.sixty four RMS fifteen forty seven.625 114.3 26.ninety nine
RLS 16 50.eight one zero one.six 20.sixty four RMS sixteen 50.eight 114.three 26.99
RLS eighteen 57.15 114.3 22.23 RMS eighteen fifty seven.fifteen 127 31.seventy five
RLS 20 63.five 127 23.eighty one RMS twenty sixty three.five 139.7 31.seventy five

Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing for Vertical Pumps RMS9