Hospital Medical Equipment Suction Machine

Hospital Medical Equipment Suction Machine

Healthcare facility CZPT CZPT Suction CZPT


  1. Adopting oil-free of charge piston pump
  2. Clear-with out pollution of oil and smoke
  3. Convient-no require add oil to maintain day-to-day
  4. Protected-no plus force during employing
  5. No regorging-preserve stress when the equipment stops, so the liquid will not likely stream backwards
  6. CZPT plastic panels, hand-switch and foot-swap for working effortlessly. Decide on negative force
  7. it will with no level for pressure adjustment, and overflow security system, safe and reliable.


Max unfavorable strain: ≥ .09MPa
Noise: ≤ 60 dB (A)
Energy: ≤ 120VA
Pumping fee: ≥ 20L/min
Reservoir potential: 2500mL/laptop, 2pieces, glass
CZPT: Swinging type Oil-totally free piston
Vacuum Rang: -750mm Hg




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Hospital Medical Equipment Suction Machine