Fat Reduction Body Shaping Beauty Machine Kuma Shape 3

Fat Reduction Body Shaping Beauty Machine Kuma Shape 3

Kuma shap three

Transient introduction:

This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment method for cellulite has four components, which collectively have been revealed to be successful in tightening and smoothing skin: Radiofrequency energy (RF), infrared mild power, and mechanical vacuum, computerized rolling therapeutic massage.

CZPT Parameters

RF electricity Up to 50W
RF frequency 10M Hz
Infrared light-weight electrical power Up to 20W
IR Spectrum 700nm-2000nm
Adverse pressure -.07 M Pa
Remedy Area Size  (Physique): 50mm × 55mm
(Arm): 37mm × 23mm
CZPTtrical need 230VAC  50Hz  400VA
Dimension(W×D×H) 454mm×390mm×1155mm
Excess weight 40kg

How it operates
one. Pores and skin-tightening and wrinkle elimination
The infrared gentle and radio frequency can warmth up the concentrate on tissue in the deep layer of the skin for proliferating the collagen and improving the blood circulation to tighten the free skin of face and eyes spherical and removing the wrinkles.

two. Entire body shaping
High Frequency radio can warmth up the fat under five-15 cm of the skin and improve the diffusion of O2, more much more to reinforce the compound trade in and out of the mobile., to promote the pace of physique unwanted fat metabolic process and to reallocate the drinking water glycerin.

The power of infrared light-weight fortify the overall flexibility of the skin, safeguard the epidermis and heat up the excess fat underneath the skin. The design of the vacuum and mechanical roll raises the blood offer and encourages the essential release of catalyzing enzyme which the method of unwanted fat metabolic process calls for.

three. Cellulite removal
High frequency Radio frequency, which work jointly with the rolling vacuum therapeutic massage can boost the blood circulation and improve the oxygen of the blood in targeted area. The lymphatic program will eliminate the waste and treatment the fibrosis cellulite.

The warmth can deep into the subcutaneous tissue to act the fibroblast of the connective tissue and restoring the collagen and elastic fibers.


1. Kumashape brings together globe foremost technologies of cellulite reduction and entire body shape in a single device which can meet up with multi need to have of customers.
two. Two diverse dimensions therapy heads for various location remedy need to have.
three. Each big and tiny heads have the merged systems of RF, Vacuum, infrared mild.
4. Handy style of modifying parameters from exhibit or deal with piece, equally is offered.
five. Two modes layout for various perform need to have (condition method and smooth manner )
six. Djustable Radio frequency energy (10MHz, bipolar), Vacuum strain, suction manner, and infrared gentle energy from amount zero to level 5 which means operater can choose any single one as separate technology use or multi technologies use to satisfy various requirements of consumers
7. Kumashape has pulse vacuum and continual vacuum two modes for distinct end result of remedy want.
eight. Vacuum and screw structure rollers manipulate and sleek out the skin to aid risk-free and effective strength shipping.


10.four Inch higher delicate contact screen
New opeartion application
Precise output of vitality
Actual-time handle
Oprational smoother
Sounds free of charge
2 RF Electricity
3 imported pump


10 Mhz Biopolar radiao frequency: On the two rolls can permeate into the layer .five-1.5cm below skin to function on the excess fat tissue efficiently
Substantial Radio Frequency: The energy is up to 50W which can penetrates the deep pores and skin and heats up deep body fat.

Infrared light (650-2500 nm): It promotes the Hydrolyzed Collagen hyperplasia, increases blood circle and achieves the outcomes of skin rejuvenation and pores and skin whitening.

The design and style of the vacuum (-50cm) and mechanical roll: Underneath action of the infrared mild higher radio frequency, mechanical movement helps make the fat shift which tends to make the skin far more flexible and also raises the blood source, additional encourages the creation of the catalyzing enzyme in the process unwanted fat metabolic rate

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Fat Reduction Body Shaping Beauty Machine Kuma Shape 3