Easy VFD S900GS for Various Types of Small Machine

Easy VFD S900GS for Various Types of Small Machine

S900GS  Collection-Mini CZPT

Compact dimension style&comma small
Appearance&comma effortless to work

Item specification

Rated voltage&comma Frequency One stage&solThree phase  220V 50&sol60Hz
Voltage Range 220V&colon170V~240V  380V&colon330~440V
Output Voltage Variety 220V&colon0~220V 380V&colon0~380V
Frequency Selection &period10&grave400&period00Hz
Management approach V&solF management&comma Area vector manage&time period
Indicator Running position&solAlarm definition&solinteractive assistance&colon eg &comma frequency environment&comma the output frequency&solcurrent&comma DC bus voltage&comma the temperature and so on&period
Handle Specifications Output Frequency Assortment &period10Hz~four hundred&period00Hz
Frequency Placing Resolution Digital input&colon0&period01Hz&comma analog input&colon0&period1&percnt of highest output frequency
Output Frequency Accuracy &period01Hz
V&solF Handle Location V&solF curve to fulfill different load demands
Torque Management Vehicle enhance&colon vehicle increase torque by loading situation&semi manual increase&semi enable to set0&period0~twenty&period0&percnt of raising torque
Multifunctional lnput
6 multi-perform input terminals&comma recognizing capabilities such as fifteen section velocity manage&comma system managing&comma four-section acceleration&soldeceleration speed switch&comma UP&solDOWN perform and emergency stop and other capabilities
Multifunctional Output
two multi-function output terminals for exhibiting of working&comma zero speed&comma counter&comma external abnormity&comma system operation and other data and warnings
Acceleration&soldeceleration Time Placing ~-999&period9s acceleration&soldeceleration time can be established independently
PID Handle Created-in PID manage
RS485 Normal RS485 conversation perform&lparMODBUS&rpar
Frequency Setting Analog input&colon0 to 10V&comma&comma0 to 20mA can be selected&semi
Dig ital input&colon Input using the placing dial of the procedure panel or RS485 or UP&solDOWN
Multi-velocity Six multifunction input terminals&comma 15section velocity can be established
CZPT voltage regulation CZPT voltage regulation operate can be selected
Counter Created -in 2group of counters
Warning Function
Overload 150&percnt&comma60 CZPT&lparConstant torque&rpar
More than Voltage In excess of voltage safety can be established
Under Voltage Below voltage defense can be set
Other CZPTs Overheat&comma brief circuit&comma in excess of current&comma and parameter lock and so on
ronment Ambient Temperature -10ºC to 40ºC&lparnon-freezing&rpar
Ambient Humidity Max&period95&percnt&lparnon-condensing&rpar
Altitude Lower than 1000m
Vibration Max&time period &period5G
Construction CZPT Mode Pressured air cooling
Protecting Construction IP20
Installation Manner Wall Mounted


Model Enter Rate output
Electricity &lparkw&rpar
Overload ability
Relevant motor &lparKW&rpar
S900-2S0&period4GS One period AC 220V&period50&sol60Hz &period4 1 2&period2 3&period75 &period4
S900-2S0&period75GS One period AC 220V&period50&sol60Hz &period75 2 five seven&period5 &period75
S900-2S1&period5GS Solitary section AC 220V&period50&sol60Hz 1&period5 2&period8 7 10&period5 one&period5
S900-4T0&period75GS 3 section AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz &period75 two&period2 two&period7 4&period05 &period75
S900-4T1&period5GS Three phase AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz 1&period5 three&period2 four 6 1&period5
S900-4T2&period2GS A few period AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz 2&period2 four 5 7&period5 two&period2
S900-4T3&period7GS Three section AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz three&period7 6&period8 eight&period6 twelve&period9 3&period7
S900-4T5&period5GS Three section AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz 5&period5 10 twelve&period5 eighteen&period75 5&period5
S900-4T7&period5GS 3 period AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz seven&period5 fourteen seventeen&period5 21 seven&period5
S900-4T11GS Three section AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz 11 19 24 36 11
S900-4T15GS 3 phase AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz fifteen 26 33 forty five fifteen
S900-4T18&period5GS Three stage AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz eighteen&period5 32 40 sixty 18&period5
S900-4T22GS 3 phase AC 380V&period50&sol60Hz 22 37 47 70&period5 22

Focus on industry of S900 GS Collection CZPT               
Food machinery-Feeder&comma mixer&comma bag filling equipment&comma pastry forming device
Woodworking CZPTry-Polishing device&comma grinding device&comma carving device
Textile CZPTry-winding equipment&comma cloth inspection equipment
CZPT CZPTry-Liquid filling machine&comma pharmaceutical filling machine
   Other&colon Stone reducing device
Blowing device&comma Water-pump-housetop&sola admirer to fill and exhaust gas&comma modest
Pump for drinking water offer
CZPT equipment-offset
Conveyor belt-Tiny conveyor belt&comma typical conveyor belt
Feeding products-Instrument machine&comma winding equipment&comma weaving machines equipment
CZPT and plastic business-CZPT equipment&comma various types of modest device
CZPT enterprise-Frequent home&comma air conditioning&comma computerized doorway

Easy VFD S900GS for Various Types of Small Machine