Double Stage Transformer Oil Purifier 1800L H

Double Stage Transformer Oil Purifier 1800L H

Double Stage Transformer Oil Purifier 1800L/H



  • Transformer oil is extremely crucial to dependability, efficiency and lifetime of transformer. The oil ought to be cost-free from dampness, dissolved gases, particles, and many others. Even some new oils might require treatment to appropriate amount prior to injecting into the transformer

  • Our ZJA Collection Oil Purifier is skilled for treatment method of transformer oil, it can proficiently remove h2o, gases, acid, particles, etc. from the oil. 

  • With the benefits of higher operating vacuum, large filtration velocity, oil high quality safety, the filter innovative the oil remedy strategy and equipment functionality and when can raise the puncture voltage up to over 35V.

  • ZJA Series can be installed by sealed regular or movable with a trailer, so it is ideal to take care of oil, fill oil in vacuum chamber and circulating dry sizzling-oil when big transformer is being set up and overhauled.



  • 1 pot with two-stage vacuum-segregating place, it comes into currently being various force so as to keep oil line harmony amongst two stages.

  • CZPTed vacuum-pump from CZPTe has preceding degree in the world and substantial air pump speed guarantee high working vacuity.

  • New technology of vacuum-segregating adopts particular spinning disk and stainless metal machine with dehydration and air pump

  • Employing new kind of heating tools which can decrease heating burthen and prolong oil life.

  • Oil amount management adopts photoelectric way of which the major components are imported from Switzerland. 

  • Customers can choose equipment equipped with all or partly imported components.

  • It’s equipped with filter assemblies imported from Italy.

  • All pumps need to be airproofed by our manufacturing unit, in addition running without noise and leakage. prolonged oil lifestyle.

CZPT Index:

Product Identify of Parameter    Variety Device ZJA1.8KY ZJA3KY ZJA6KY ZJA9KY ZJA12KY ZJA18KY
CZPT parameter of the solution Nominal circulation capability L/min thirty fifty 100 150 two hundred 300
Operating Vacuity Pa ≤100(Double-Stage)    ≤50(3-Phase)
Doing work stress Mpa ≤0.35
Working temperature of Oil °C 45-65
Operating electricity   50Hz    380V    3-Phase four-Wire
Whole electric powered power KW 18+two.twenty five 30+6 2X30+six.6 3X30+eight.2 4X30+10 5X30+sixteen.five
Diameter of inlet outlet hose mm 32 / 25 38 / 32 44 / 38 forty eight / 44 64 / forty eight seventy six / 64
Appearance dimension cm 110x95x150 160x120x210 195x145x220 200x160x230 205x160x230 215x165x240
Bodyweight of merchandise Kg 650 900 1200 1600 2200 3000
Oil therapy index Oil Puncture Voltage KV ≥70
Drinking water content material ppm ≤3
Air content material % ≤0.2
CZPT accuracy µm ≤5

CZPT Circumstance

Major Equipment


Double Stage Transformer Oil Purifier 1800L H