Double Cylinder High Pressure Hydraulic Grout Pump

Double Cylinder High Pressure Hydraulic Grout Pump

Double Cylinder Large Pressure CZPT Grout Pump

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CZPT grouting pump is extensively employed in the pumping and force grouting of cement slurry, yellow mud, drinking water glass, oil and h2o, and so forth. It can pump two kinds of media at the same time, and can also pump a single medium, suitable for a variety of building projects. , municipal engineering, tunnel engineering, mines, oil, etc.



CZPT Grout Pump
Model YG-GP80 YG-GP110
Max. Stream 80 L/min one hundred ten L/min
Grouting Capacity 4 m3/h
Grouting Pressure .5-7 Mpa (Max. 10 Mpa)
Express Length Horizontal  100-two hundred m
Vertical  50-70 m
Energy seven.5/11/fifteen KW
Suction Pipe Within Dia. ∅51 *two
Grouting Suction Pipe Inside of Dia. ∅32 ∅38
Outlet Pipe Dia. ∅25 *two
Dimensions 1200*800*a thousand mm
Bodyweight 600 kg



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1. Twin-cylinder double-performing, the piston reciprocates after, can implement two types of liquid suction and discharge.

2, CZPT generate, reputable perform, large pumping pressure.

3, Compact framework, suitable for tiny area implementation, special mechanical reversing system, and then particular workplaces can also be utilized. (with explosion-proof perform)


Doing work                                                                                        

Equipment oil pump is straight driven by the motor , the oil pump force oil output into the manifold, the overflow valve (alter the working pressure of the program) into the electro-hydraulic reversing valve, by the electro-hydraulic reversing valve and the proximity swap, the joint realization of the cylinder to reciprocate .

When the cylinder moves forward and pushes the content cylinder, rod chamber of the content cylinder types a vacuum, and the suction chamber of the rod chamber sucks the slurry via a suction filter at the same time, the rodless chamber of the content cylinder grout via the discharge valve chamber and the mixer and grouting valve. Conversely, when the cylinder moves backwards, the content cylinder sucks the slurry in the rodless chamber and discharges the slurry in the rod chamber. The two chambers of the content cylinder can suck and discharge the identical slurry, and can also suck and discharge two diverse types of slurry.

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Double Cylinder High Pressure Hydraulic Grout Pump