Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder Filling Pump

Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder Filling Pump

CZPT Liquid Pump

CZPT gas pumps are mainly utilised for air separation merchandise: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide filling, fuel provide methods. The unit is mainly solitary-row, double-row, and three-row reciprocating pumps. For certain parameters, see the parameter tables.

The flow fee is 30-5000 L/h, and the outlet stress is up to 35. MPa. The motor can be geared up with electromagnetic velocity regulating motor, set pace motor, frequency conversion motor, explosion-proof motor and explosion-evidence variable frequency motor according to real needs.

Cylinder Filling Pump

Suitable Media:


Scope of Application:

Filling cylinder underneath gentle,normal and large strain

Cylinder with distinct types

Air provide,air distribution methods

Primary CZPT Parameters:


Max outlet stress: 16.5MPa~35.0MPa

Optional Configuration:

1. Traditional design, steady functionality and longevity of 20 several years
2. The utility product adopts a higher vacuum jacketed pump head, the diploma of vacuum reaches ten-five, and the chilly decline is modest
three. The sealing is reliable, the filling life is up to 150,000 bottles, and the life of the piston ring is up to 300,000 bottles
4. Optional gas-assisted sealing system to even more improve sealing lifestyle
five. Effortless routine maintenance, typical upkeep will take only two several hours
6. It can operate continually for 24 several hours.




Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder Filling Pump