Ce Certificated Manufacture Environmental Stability Dustproof Ovens

Ce Certificated Manufacture Environmental Stability Dustproof Ovens

CE Certificated CZPT CZPTal Security Dustproof Scorching Ovens

Short introduction & application:

Dustproof very hot ovens are commonly utilised to check components performance in higher temperature examination condition. It is commonly utilized to

Circuit boards, digital component, photoelectric gadget, electroplating steel, plastic chemical sector, printing industry,

processing coating, ceramic glass and transformer, inductance coil,motor coil baking, drying, ageing, and many others.


Precise oven or cupboard dryers are mostly employed for drying, baking, sterilization of non – unstable objects and

heat. Treatment method check for mining enterprises, colleges, health care and scientific research. Specifically for

at the same time drying of distinct varieties of polymers in little portions for drying materials for trial

molding. They can also be applied in digital engineering, electroplating, and pharmacy, paint baking,

printing industries, and so forth. For preheating or drying related items.


1, Offering a collection of steady and trustworthy precision oven, KOV precise oven within the box dimension is divided into 8 types of
CZPT specifications, can meet up with different needs.

2, Compelled air supply circulation method and the unique outlet design to make sure perfect humidity and temperature uniformity.

three, LED digital temperature controller, effortless procedure and deliver you content buyer encounter.

four, Air-exhausting System is optional. Other extremely high temperature oven collection can reach 500 º C are offered on CZPT.

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Product YPOC-072 YPOC-270 YPOC-480 YPOC-600 YPOC-720
Inner chanber size W*H*D(mm) 400*450*400 600*900*500 800*1000*600 one thousand*a thousand*600 1200*1000*600
Exterior chanber size W*H*D(mm) 750*1100*550 1150*1650*740 1300*1700*840 1500*1750*840 1850*1750*840
Temperature Range Room temperature 10ºC ´ 200ºC(300ºC)
Performance Temperature control accuracy  ±0.3ºC
Temperature uniformity ±1ºC
Temperature resolution .1ºC
Clean class Class100´class1000
Heat-up time 30minutes
Material Exterior chamber material  Cold rolled plate+Powder Coated
Interior chamber material  SUS#304stainless steel plate
Insulation  PU & Fiberglass wool
Technique Wind Circulation  Sirocco fan
Heating system  SUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Controller  Omron E5AZ controller
Other components  cable port(60mm),control status indicator lights,loading shelves(2pcs for free)
Safety Devices  Overheating circuitbreaker, compressor overload protection, control system overload protection,
humidifying system overheating protection, breakdow indicator light
Power supply  AC380V 60/50Hz
Customization Customization of inner chamber size, temperature & humidity range etc.

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Ce Certificated Manufacture Environmental Stability Dustproof Ovens