200L Stainless Steel Heating Mixing Tank

200L Stainless Steel Heating Mixing Tank

200L stainless steel heating mixing tank (with higher shear mixer)

  1. 200L heating and mixing capacity
  2. Produced of SS304 (SS316 is available if necessary)
  3. With one.one kw motor  (China CZPT model or Siemens, ABB model)
  4. CZPTent mixing speeds are offered: 36rpm, 60rpm, 80rpm, 100rpm, 200rpm, 20~100rpm, 40~200rpm, 100~1000rpm or VFD manage
  5. Use 220V 3phase AC (CZPT for 220V, 380V and 415V)
  6. Tri wall composition
  7. With lifting lugs on the best (optional)
  8. With thermometer ~150degree
  9. with discharge butterfly valve
  10. CZPTtric heating electricity 4~16KW 

G-FL is the identify of a series of mixing tanks / blending tanks with equivalent composition descriped as beneath:

  1. Flange relationship sort with sealed cover (dish head mixing tank)
  2. Be ready to bear high pressure (strain vessel / pressure pot)
  3. Be in a position to employed together with vacuum pump (used as Vacuum force impregnating tank)
  4. Top mount Mixing agitator
  5. Standard mixing speed (36rpm, 60 rpm, 2800rpm)

right here beneath is the image of our G-FL sequence mixing tanks. 
the tank you see in this picture in simple fact is a 500L ability one particular. for 100L electrical heating mixing tank, 200L mixing tanks and any other various potential types, the tank composition hold the same just with distinct tank dimension.   

200L stainless steel heating mixing tank (with large shear mixer)
Serial No. I .2T E 304 P
Explanation of the serial No.  
I – Insulated tank structure 
.2T – 200Liter tank potential
E – CZPTtric heating kind
304 – Tank building substance
P – Propeller sort mixing agitator
 200L heating mixing tank specification

Capacity  200Liter Notes & Tips
Made by  SS304 Foods quality CZPT metal
Construction Tri-wall structure
  • Inner wall mirror polish
  • Jacketed used to maintain heating oil and electric powered heating aspects
  • Outer wall matt finished
Thickness  Interior wall 3mm
Jacket 3mm
Outer wall one.5mm
Diameter  Internal diameter 700mm
Outer diameter 900mm
  • 2” thermal insulation content between jacket and the outer wall
Cylindrical element depth  350mm Total depth 700mm
Drainage pipe height  300mm to floor Sufficient space for pipes and fittings installation and servicing
Above all height  ~1750mm  
Heating electricity 16KW two teams on/off management
Electricity supply necessary 220V 60Hz 3phase AC CZPT
Motor power 1.1KW  
Mixing speed 36rpm CZPTer pace is available if required
Agitator variety Paddle  
Pump circulation price 3T/H (optional) Centrifugal pump or in-line shear pump are all obtainable.
Pump power  .75KW
Discharge pipe 1 inch clamp sort relationship  
Inlet pipe 1 inch external thread Customizer
Heating fluid inlet pipe Woman thread three/four” Heating fluid can be faucet water or heat transfer oil
Accessories  three T shear pump — 1pc
Butterfly valve — 3pcs
90degree bend — 1pcs
SS pipes — 3m
Temp. controller — 2pcs
Temp. probe — 2pcs
The accessories shown below are the genuine scenario for a buyer. For your buy, the components may not the exact same.

 500L electric heating blending tank design material 
Most of our large strain mixing vessels are made of stainless metal materials. SS304 (SUS304) and SS316 (SUS316) are extensively employed in our high force mixing vessels.
Typically for tiny capacity higher pressure mixing vessels, this kind of as 200L high force mixing vessel, 300L higher force mixing vessel or a 500L ones, our CZPT wall thickness will be 3mm. All our offer for large force mixing vessels are based mostly on CZPT thickness. Offer you for CZPT large pressure mixing vessels not currently being provided.
Information of our blending tanks and mixing vessels

Temperature handle of our G-FL collection higher stress mixing vessel
Temperature can be controlled as for every request. Steam heating variety mixing vessel usually use software to regulate the heating temperature. CZPTtric heating type mixing vessel use low voltage apparatus components to regulate the heating temperature. When getting utilized as chemical response kettle, the high pressure reaction kettle can bear at most 450 Degree Celsius (450 ºC / 842ºF). The operating force (in tank jacket) can be .25Mpa (2.5bar or 29psi).
Heating manner of our G-FL mixing tank
G-FL collection high strain vessel can be 200L, 300L, 500L or 800L. In our previous encounters, G-FL sequence higher force mixing tanks normally have a small capacity which is no a lot more than 1000Liter (264 Gallon). Most of them use electrical / oil as heating medium. So some of our buyers phone this kind of blending tank as oil jacket force vessel or oil jacketed mixing tank.
Steam vapor is also widely used in high stress vessel while gasoline heating tank is not as common as steam and electrical heating mixing tanks.

Like our G-SI series dimple jacket mixing tank and G-SC sequence conical base mixing tank as properly as the G-SE sequence dish stop mixing tank, G-FL collection higher pressure vessel can also use dimple jacket and spiral coil for cooling and heating.
CZPT operate for stainless metal large pressure mixing vessel
Some consumers need to have a cooling approach soon after heating. It is relies upon on your usage of this tank.
if you use oil as heating medium, you will want to do the cooling procedure outdoors of this mixing tank.
if you use drinking water as heating agent in the jacket, cooling procedure can be down in this h2o heating tank.

cooling for some other type of mixing tank:
Dimple jacketed mixing vessel mainly utilised in heating method. If cooling procedure necessary, a coil jacket will be large advisable.  Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel will weld the coil to the high stress mixing vessel body (exterior of the higher force mixing vessel’s inner wall). Person access the cooling medium this sort of as ice water, cool water or glycol water into the coil, when the cooling medium go by way of the cooling coil, the content in the cooling tank will be diminished rapidly. Substantial force mixing vessel with spiral coil is broadly referred to as as spiral coil substantial pressure mixing vessel, or cooling higher pressure mixing vessel.
CZPT management of our mixing tank 
we pay much more atttention on top quality manage. and we have our very own Q.C. section. In purchase to make certain all the high quality is our highest top quality stage, our CZPT Manager joined to Q.C. department and act as a Q.C. inspector.
This is usefull—– All employees in every single production place will pay specific interest to the each manufacturing details which direct to a high top quality concluded tank! Even like this, we nonetheless inspect every tank just before packing, no mater the order quantity is 1pcs, 2pcs or 50pcs 100pcs. we inspect each and every gear that we produce in purchase to make positive each and every solution we ship out with ideal performance.

Packing and package of our stainless metal mixing tank heating tank
this photo beneath is a 100Liter electric heating tank with agitator, 36rpm mixing pace, used for chemical solution: soap and washing liquid (lotion generation). you can see from this picture:
one. before packing, we cleaning the tank floor completely including corners in which you might not see.
2. pack the tank with wrapping film
3. pack the tank with an additional layer of packing material to safeguard the tank from any possible scratch
four. packing the tank in wooden package deal.

Ideas on the electrical heating blending tank price tag
The G-FL sequence higher pressure mixing tank / mixing vessel normally CZPT in accordance to the construction material (SS304 or SS316) and the operating pressure, the mixing tank value(s) you located in this website may possibly not be the proper cost for the mixing tank that you need. 
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200L Stainless Steel Heating Mixing Tank